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Hello! My name is Betzaida Martinez. I am a self-motivated learner who is always eager to learn new things. I find the world is my oyster or book, if it may be called that. I love different cultures and languages so traveling and helping others do the same is a passion. I come from a small Caribbean territory, the US Virgin Islands, St. Croix, to be exact and humble beginnings. I feel blessed and fortunate to have been born in one of the most loved and most beautiful destinations in the US, America's Paradise.


I speak Spanish too and my decendants are from the lovely islands of  Vieques and Puerto Rico. I have also moved between South Carolina, Florida, and Texas. Residing in these states has allowed me to experience what some of the places in the mainland look like from a locals perspective. There is always a lot more to learn and see. As the mother of three beautiful girls, I also enjoy going on family vacations. I carry a deep need to help people and I always give back to the community. Whether it's a school, group, or faith-based entity, many who come to my site find that I give back in one way or another. I hope my site helps you book some of the best vacations out there or your business trips, family visits, or any destination. I enjoy meeting and speaking with everyone, and we may have to chat online if you have questions. Just click the chat button or send an email.


Get in touch if you have a question, experience trouble booking through my site, or to send a note/Póngase en contacto si tiene alguna pregunta, tiene problemas para reservar a través de mi sitio o para enviar una nota.

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